This is HAN Spaces

Membership-based, monthly payments!

Rigidity is shifting to flexibility. Bring your laptop and get productive without any additional or hidden costs. Start working for your dreams at Han spaces.

After the pandemic, the business world quickly adapted to flexible working models. Flexibility in business, space, technology, costs and contracts will be the natural reflection of the new era.

Han Spaces provides experience and convenience to employees with multiple location advantages, alternative social areas and differentiated designs, while offering solutions to companies with flexible contracts and operational efficiency.

This is HAN Spaces

Daily or monthly memberships!

At Han Spaces, we offer you the choice of time and place. Use one of our spaces for as much as you need, whether your team is growing or shrinking, pay as you go rather than paying a fixed fee. HANSPACES offers you as many places as you want, whenever you want. Security, internet, technology, unlimited coffee and tea, access to printer and photocopying services are just some of the advantages of being a member of HANSPACES. We invite you to HANSPACES for social events, collaboration opportunities and...

Membership Types

Coworking Spaces

Coworking members share our open workspaces. You can use our locations 24/7, daily or monthly, and work with the freedom of mobility.

Dedicated Desk

When you're in need of a quiet space, choose our dedicated desks for a workspace always reserved just for you.

Daily Membership

Use our space, hassle free, for all your spontaneous work needs. Whether it be one day or more, the flexibility you need for your business is at Han Spaces

Experience the advantage of comfortable workspaces that follow the latest trends of technology, with its ergonomic furniture design.

Coworking offices

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We are HAN Spaces in Budapest!


Comfortable and simple office rental that makes your everyday life easier.

We believe that productive work areas are built by focusing on work habits, user experience and comfort. Our hope is that our spaces will encourage you for further procedure and collaboration. Determine your corporate needs and let us create the most suitable membership plan for your company. Office rental & coworking offices & Serviced Offices & Shared Offices.

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