This is HAN

This is HAN Spaces!

A new generation of flex spaces, designed for you.
HAN Spaces, a place where people come to work,
create, share and who value life's precious moments.

Take your place at HAN Spaces

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HAN Spaces is the right place for you!

Flexible office solutions fits your needs

Ready-to-go offices and workspaces for teams of all sizes at Han Spaces.

Office Solutions

Daily or monthly memberships

At HAN Spaces, we offer you the choice of time and place. Use one of our spaces for as much as you need, whether your team is growing or shrinking, pay as you go rather than paying a fixed fee.

Membership Types

Private meeting and seminar rooms

At HAN Spaces, there are various facilities with a range of equipment for your meetings, including Barco Clickshare and Logitech equipments, offering you different meeting experiences depending on your specific needs.


Any Time You Want .. The HAN You Want.

Easy and Accessible

We are in the heart of Istanbul with only a 3 minute walking distance to the central metro line.

Services That Work For you

Open 24/7, Cleaning, Security, Reception

All Expenses on one Invoice

In addition to our high-speed internet, our refreshments are also complimentary

Cooperation Opportunities

We share talent, ideas and possibilities

Special Services For You

Secretary, IT, Parking Lot, Storage Areas

Social and Enjoyable

Workshop and Events, kitchen and rest areas

Green, Natural, Respectful

Reducing the pressure on natural resources and minimalizing our Ecological Footprint.

Intertwined with Design and Art

We gathered everything from paintings to sculptures to feed your soul at HAN.

When you want to take your business to the next level,
we welcome you to HAN Spaces.

Your form has been submitted. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We are in the heart of business center of Budapest with only a 3 minute walking distance to the M3 metro line.

Synergy Office Spaces Kft.
1139, Váci út 99. Balance Hall 3rd floor
Tel: +36 20 2151458