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After the pandemic, the business world quickly adapted to flexible working models. Flexibility in business, space, technology, costs and contracts will be the natural reflection of the new era. HAN Spaces provides experience and convenience to employees with multiple location advantages, alternative social areas and differentiated designs, while offering solutions to companies with flexible contracts and operational efficiency. At HAN Spaces we offer comfort, experience and benefits. privileges. HAN Spaces offers you as many places as you want, whenever you want. Security, internet, technology, unlimited coffee and tea, access to printer and photocopying services are just some of the advantages of being a member of HAN Spaces. We invite you to HAN Spaces for social events, collaboration opportunities and inspiring conferences!

Membership types at HAN


Coworking members share our open workspaces. You can use our locations 24/7, daily or monthly, and work with the freedom of mobility.

Dedicated Desk

When you're in need of a quiet space, choose our dedicated desks for a workspace always reserved just for you.

Daily Pass

Use our space, hassle free, for all your spontaneous work needs. Whether it be one day or more, the flexibility you need for your business is at HAN Spaces.

Private Office

We offer offices with flexible rentals term in Budapest, whether for couple months or for years. You can freely determine the length of the rental period according to your needs.

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We are in the heart of business center of Budapest with only a 3 minute walking distance to the M3 metro line.

Synergy Office Spaces Kft.
1139, Váci út 99. Balance Hall 3rd floor
Tel: +36 20 2151458